Scuba Diving With GoPro HD Hero2

The original design of the GoPro HD Hero2 was to attach to a surfboard and keep it secure without fear of it falling off. It was a brilliant idea, and it worked well for surfing. However, the GoPro HD Hero2 is now being promoted for many other activities.

A GoPro HD Hero2 was purchased by me for scuba diving. It is waterproof and can go 197 feet below the surface. Fantastic photos of scuba diving with my HD Hero2 are what I have. These photos are stunning in clarity and quality. These photos are extensive, so you can capture every fish and coral at once. These fish are so bright that it’s not like disposable waterproof cameras.

The wrist mount allows you to swim without having to hold a camera. Before this, we had a camera attached to our waists with a string. It would drag and bang into us. The wrist mount attaches securely to your wrist, so it’s always at hand. I no longer miss a photo. I can leave the HD Hero2 on and have it set to shutter so that ten photos are taken in 3 seconds. You can set the HD Hero2 to take one photo at a time or a pre-set amount of seconds apart. You can also set it to take one picture every 0.5 seconds up to one picture every 60 seconds.

1080p Video

It is easy to film the wreck or cave I am in. I can quickly switch between photo and video and begin filming in 1080p. If I want to watch the video in slow-motion, I prefer to film in 1080p. This is because I can record at 60 frames per second, and slow-motion doesn’t have any skipping. You can also video the group of people you are surrounded by thousands of small fish.

My GoPro HD Hero2 has never leaked or had water in its waterproof housing. I’ve been down more than 100 feet. It is protected by a strong case, so even if you bump into something, it won’t break.

Once you are above the surface and dry on land, you can simply un-snap your camera’s top, and it will pop right out. You can then take out the SD card to save the photos to your computer. To charge the camera, you will need to remove the SD card.

Rechargeable battery

The average battery lasts for 4 hours when you are taking video or photos. A 16GB card will be filled in about the same amount of time as the battery if you shoot video and photos continuously for at least 2 seconds. If you have only one battery, I recommend the 16GB card. The 32 GB card is also available, but it’s not necessary. It can take 4 hours to charge the camera again, so I carry two batteries. These batteries are very inexpensive and have come in handy when I forgot to charge the primary battery.

The GoPro HD Hero2 underwater camera is my favorite. It produces excellent photos, even better than professional-grade cameras. You can use this camera for many other activities besides scuba diving if you have different mounting devices. You will have amazing photos printed by the GoPro HD Hero2 and can hang them on your walls.