Photography for the Beginner Tips for the Aspiring Wedding Photographer

“I am shooting my first wedding, and I am freaking out!” Are there any tips you could give me?

This is one of my favorite quotes in my career as a photographer. It can be daunting to enter the field of Wedding Photography. Unhappy brides and hundreds of people can lead to significant problems on the wedding day. These are the tips and tricks that I’ve learned along the journey that will help you make your big day as smooth as possible.

Preparing for your wedding is essential!

Every wedding is possible to go wrong. There are no two weddings the same. You might find the bride running late, and your family may be fighting, or friends in meltdown mode. Preparation is the most important thing to do at any wedding. It will be easier to spend time with the couple before the wedding and help them find the best locations, and ensure that the lighting is working well. Asking the Bride and Groom to select three photos from the wedding will allow you to focus on your favorites, and, if necessary, the couple to be will have their most treasured photos.

The Swan Principle

As you grow in your wedding photography knowledge, the Swan Principle will be a great asset. Did you ever notice how serene and elegant a Swan is in water? A swan’s legs move at a million miles per hour under the water, thrashing about to find the right spot. This is the ideal situation for any photographer when photographing a wedding. The Bride and Groom already have enough stress, and the photographer should not add to it. Your only responsibility should be to ensure that the bride is happy and comfortable, regardless of how stressed you may feel on the day.

Show your personality

These days, there are many photographers all over the globe. The couple doesn’t want to have a creepy, stout photographer in their corner, taking away bits of their hearts. An amateur photographer may fall prey to the temptation of acting too professional during their first shoot and become rigid behind the lens. You should let the bride and groom know this is your first wedding. However, you should still have high expectations for your Wedding Photography. Remember to be friendly, outgoing, and talk to people. You are providing a service. Your service will ensure that your bride and groom receive beautiful, personal images that capture the essence of their special day. This can only be achieved by making sure that your couple is comfortable with the camera so that they don’t get overwhelmed by their emotions.

Too assertive or not confident enough. Finding the right balance

You will have to be confident and outgoing when shooting a wedding. You must take control of the situation to capture great photos and reassure the couple. There is also the reverse, where you can relax and let the emotions flow while you capture unforgettable memories. Each of these styles will need to be adjusted throughout the day to capture the whole story. My best advice is to be bold and confident with your posed photos while letting the party go at its own pace during the preparation stage. It is not a good idea to try to ruin the moment by getting up in front of the bride or her family when they are emotional about the day. The bride wants to look back at these photos and not focus on the actions of the photographer. You should always have your camera at hand and try to anticipate what will happen next. You can anticipate and then act to capture the perfect shot. You will gain more insight into the day and be able to identify patterns in every wedding. This will make your photos more professional and increase your chances of getting great images.

These tips should have helped you feel more confident going into your first challenging wedding.