Seamless Portrait Editing Idea

Every photographer’s goal is to create stunning photos. The thought of capturing the beautiful, seamless beauty of a friend or loved one is often is amusing for college students, who want to establish themselves as a famous photographer, at the very least, before their girlfriend. But, taking pictures of seamless beauty isn’t as easy as you might think, as it isn’t that is absolute. There will be flaws on the face, such as hairline or blemish, dark spot or wrinkle. It is essential to eliminate all of those to impress your loved one. In this article, I’ll show you the easiest method to alter a portrait making sure that the focus is upon the subject.

While pursuing my bachelor’s degree, I was in love with a woman. Following two decades of sweet and bitter love, we decided to wed. My parents weren’t aware of my affair because I didn’t reveal my love letters to them prior to. I was afraid that I would show her picture to my parents since she was covered in pimples. After studying a few articles about how to edit portraits in Adobe Photoshop CS 6, I decided to use it for my girlfriend’s photograph. It’s true that I managed to impress my parents and even get married. The method I chose to use is known as frequency separation.

Before I get into the procedure, I’ll provide you with a better understanding of what I mean. You’ve heard about megapixels and know that digital images are composed of pixels. This is thought to be the basis of digital photography. But have you heard of frequency? There are many frequencies within an image. It is easy to divide them into two components, namely lower and higher frequency, to completely retouch our image. The frequency separation technique is simple. Follow the steps below to implement this effect.

Open Your Portrait

After you have opened your photo in Photoshop, create a duplicate of the image by pressing Ctrl + J 2 times. We aren’t looking to alter your original photo.

Naming the layers

Change the name of the upper layer to ‘High Frequency’ and the lower layer name to ‘Low Frequency.’ You can hide the upper layer using the eyeball symbol.

Applying Gaussian Blur Effect

Choose the layer below. Go to the Filter menu and select Blur, then choose Gaussian Blur and drag the slider to the right for an image that appears slightly blurred to make pimples and wrinkles disappear. Then, bring back the transparency of the top layer and choose it.

Apply Image

By selecting the top layer that you want to apply, for example, High Frequency’, go to Image and select apply image in the drop-down menu. If the dialog box pops up, you can select ‘Low Frequency and then switch to blend mode select subtract. The scale must be between 1 and 2, and the offset should be 128. After you have changed the values in a proper manner, then click OK. The upper layer changes to grey embossed letters. Then change the blending option of the top layer to Linear Light. Once you have changed it, your image will return to its original style.

Selecting Lasso Tool

Then, select the layer ‘Lower Frequency’ and click the select Lasso tool. Change the value of Feather in the Lasso tool in the range of 25 or 27. Cover the face of your portrait using the Lasso tool. Then go to Filter again, and choose Blur and then Gaussian Blur. Move the slider until it disappears the pimples and spots across the forehead. If you’re satisfied with the results, you can click OK. You can now apply a mask to the cheeks and chins using the lasso tool and apply your preset Gaussian effect by pressing Ctrl +F. If you complete the task correctly, you’ll get flawless beauty in the end.

The editing of pimples, dark spots, and black spots.

Choose the top layer and select one of the Spot Healing Brush tools from the tool menu. Make the brush size slightly larger than the pimple or spot. Holding the Alt key, click on a spotless spot close to the pimple, then let go of it with the Alt key and then click on the pimple. This will remove all spots and pimples on your face.

Is it not difficult to show off the flawless beauty of your loved one? If you do not have Photoshop, then you could use other applications as well. I would like to see every renowned image editing software comes with at least one tool to edit a photo without difficulty.