5 Pieces of Equipment You Should Have in Your DSLR Camera Bag

In order to share my tips with you, I would like you to know that I am an avid outdoor photographer. This is my love and is the reason I choose to get up each Saturday morning at 4 am instead of having a night out with my buddies.

We all know that camera equipment is heavy and costly; therefore, carrying it all outdoors can be an opportunity and burden. You must be cautious about what you pack in your bag because there’s no turning back. You’ll need to carry your camera equipment to the very end. It’s not a good idea to carry around a lens worth $1000, which you used to capture four poor photos.

These are things I used to go outdoors and a few instances of how you could use that equipment for.

The first is your DSLR body equipped with a large zoom lens.

I’m not even going to mention the brand here. It’s up to you to pick what you’re comfortable with within your budget. However, I’d recommend the camera that is capable of bracketing (so you can experiment with HDR imaging). The lens must be broad with a minimum aperture of 24mm. You might be able to go higher with an all-frame camera. I like zoom lenses because it is heavier than prime lens. It provides a greater scope of focus. So instead of carrying a lens that is prime, such as Prime 18, Prime 55, and Prime 100 lenses, one can carry an 18-135 lens and make room in the camera bag.

#2 A fast Lens

I own I have a Canon 50mm lens that I am in love with, particularly for travel. There are many reasons for this:

It’s also the most affordable lens of all Canon lenses (about $130 on Amazon)
It’s the most lightweight Canon lens available, so you’ll never tire.
Maximum aperture 1.8 allows it to be ideal for low-light situations and is also ideal for more imaginative photography that allows you to play effectively using the Depth of Field.

#3. A flash kit that incorporates IR technology

Although you may be outdoors in the sunlight, I would suggest that you carry your flash. Here are a few reasons:

You can capture amazing sunset/sunrise photos that expose the background and create artificial lighting for the foreground using the flash you have on your external.
Remove harsh shadows from people’s faces. If you are taking pictures of people in sunlight, shadows can be harsh and unforgiving. The use of an external flash can assist in reducing shadows by filling these spots with lighting.
Shoot in cramped areas. Shoot at night.

#4. Use a Tripod

Every severe photographer understands the benefits of shooting with the aid of a tripod. It is a little bit of an inconvenience to carry it around the world, but you’ll get Sharp images for the price. Do you believe that sharp images are worth the cost? I believe so. That’s what differentiates a gorgeous image that can be printed in A1 size and a fantastic photo that you can print on a vast canvas.

If you are thinking of using a tripod, take a look at all the beautiful images you’ve taken that you’ll never print as you’re sure they’re unrefined enough.

#5. A robust and durable camera bag that can hold your camera equipment.

The latest models of DSLR Camera bags have way more than just padding. They offer simple accessibility to the camera to ensure you’ll never miss a shot.

Professional Photographer, Passionate Traveler.