2 Easy Photo Tips To Get Better Portrait Photography!

The photo tips today are actually two different tips, each of which is specifically designed to help improve portrait photography.

Tip #1: Anti-Level Shoulders.

In our previous examination of portrait photography, I’ve said, “If there are two of them, do not put both on the exact scale.”

I have cited shoulders, eyes, and ears…

You could also be thinking, “If someone is sitting on a stool for posing, chair or front porch… your shoulders will be at exactly the same height.” We don’t want that!

There’s an easy solution.

The first step is to purchase a wedge. One of those door-stopping wedges is sufficient in an emergency. Make sure you get the biggest one you can find and ensure that it doesn’t collapse completely when you put weight on it.

Another option is that you can build one from scratch. You just need to purchase a block from wood then cut it into pieces. This way, you could make them a bit bigger (but not too much) over the stopper for your door. It is also better if they are more expansive – so that they are easier to lie on.

If you’re not adept with tools, it is a job in about 30 minutes for a handyman or the nearby Home Depot type store.

Make sure you sand it smooth. It isn’t a good idea to ruin someone’s outfit by causing it to snag onto the wedge. Most people dress up when they are posed for a picture and will be upset in the event that you ruin their favorite clothes.

If you really desire to be extravagant, then paint them a flat black. So, they’re less likely to appear in a photograph. This is a problem for shoulder and head portraits, as well as for waist-level portraits isn’t an issue. The only time it is an issue is when you are taking portraits that are full length.

After you’ve cut, sanded, and painted, put them in your trunk vehicle, and you’ll have one in the car to take photos.

When it’s time to take the picture… simply have your model put a wedge over an arm and then rest on it. This will make one shoulder above the other, and you’re ready!

It’s not necessary to have a considerable rise, but just a little slight tilt. With a wedge, you can figure out the amount of or how much the tilt of your shoulder is.

It’s not a surprise that you should inform them which side you’re under and the distance! The fact is composition is your choice, and you shouldn’t allow them to control your ideas!

Tips #2: Sit Straight!

In the majority of countries in the world, we are becoming heavier and heavier. This is something that you have to be aware of when you’re considering your question. Do not let them slump!

The shoulders are slouched around can be very unattractive and is a great way to highlight any extra weight we have in the middle.

And, by the way, you don’t need to weigh a lot! In my job, which was mostly comprised of shooting, ballerinas observed that even if they weren’t slouching any point, they were rolling in their stomachs. And these were women who were the epitome of the word “skinny!”

A side note: dancers and ballerinas generally are very aware of their bodies. They aren’t inclined to slouch a lot… but be on the lookout for it.

Today’s the last day. Take these two steps! Create a couple of “photographic tools for modifying tush” (wedges), and then make sure that your subjects are standing straight. This will mean you have taken a step closer to creating professional-looking portrait photography. For more details, look into the resource box!