Colour and Dressing Hints for Professional Photos

Oh no! It’s time to get professional photos taken. These words can cause anxiety, especially if you are not satisfied with the results of your previous photos.

There have been many good and bad photos of my family and business. The best photos are displayed on the wall, while the bad ones can be found on the internet. The negative ones are deleted or hidden away. I’ve seen photos of family members and businesses that should be kept secret, but they aren’t.

Professional photographers will give you pre-photo advice about your location and poses to make sure that you are comfortable and relaxed. It is not common to receive dressing advice for a shoot.

A photo’s clothes can be as important or less important than its setting. Three elements make up a great photo: setting, pose, and clothing.

These are my tips for getting professional photos that look great.

Family Photos

Harmony and contrast are the best family photos. Let me explain.

Colour and style can create harmony and contrast.

Harmony in clothing draws attention to the personalities and faces of the subject. Talk to your family members or partner about the best colour. While white is popular, it doesn’t suit all. Blue is the second most popular colour, as almost all family members own a blue shade. You don’t need to be a pale skin tone like brown, apricot, or beige. It is possible to appear naked in the photograph, as happened with a very upset friend of mine. If you are taking full-length photos, coordinate colours below your waist. The perfect pair of blue jeans are blue jeans.

Next, let’s take a look at the different clothing styles. Family harmony will be created by everyone wearing a single-coloured shirt, V-necked tee shirt, or top with a round neck. Although patterns may vary, ensure they do not clash.

Contrast is a focal point. Your child can wear a textured top or something different from everyone else. The mother or father in the main colour and another colour draws your attention. A contrasting focal point is created when a white-clad mother and father are paired with coloured or textured jewellery.

Business Photos

Your business photo should reflect your personality and attract people.

Use colours that draw attention to your eyes and face. This is possible if you know your signature, complementary and contrasting colours. Photographs should be taken against a natural or plain background that compliments what you are wearing and does not clash.

Your selection of accessories and clothing should appeal to the clients you want to work with. Are you looking to attract corporate clients or creative, artistic clients? As long as you are comfortable, your clothing can reflect that.

Photos will be cropped and reduced for promotional purposes. I’ve seen business photos that look great in full-screen but fade in the smaller version.

Special Occasion

You want to look your best for wedding photos, but not be too obvious. All parties should be involved. This is the day to wear a well-fitted outfit. Keep your distance from the mirror when you are in the dressing room. Some colours can fade or merge. Some colours can make you appear naked. You may find certain dress features dominate your outfit. You should choose a colour that is flattering to you and a style that best reflects who you are. You will see your joy and your pain.

It is your chance to shine when you dress up for the award ceremony. Make sure you do the same mirror checks in your dressing room and take a photo of yourself wearing the clothes prior to the event. This will allow you to make any necessary adjustments. Make sure you are not being shortened by contrasting colours in your dresses.

Last words

Your photographer can help you set up the right setting and pose. Although professional photos require more than just dressing up, this article will help you get the best professional photos.