Need Nude Models Do These 7 Things First!

Beginning photographers often tell me how hard it is to find models willing to work for you, especially if you’re doing nude work because everyone wants to do nude work in these days of digital cameras that are cheap. Unfortunately, many of these photographers aren’t the best.

There are many horror stories of photographers making it clear to the model that they don’t care about art. Models have to be careful these days, and it is becoming harder for beginners to find willing models, especially nude work.

Building credibility starts with a solid foundation. These are some tips you might find useful.

1. Learn and then continue to study.

You can find many online and printed guides that will help you take better photos. Learn everything you can about your camera’s operation, including lighting, exposure, composition, posing, shapes and perspective. A good understanding of the basics will be helpful when you begin to…

2. Photographs are a must. Many photos.

Photography is as important as reading about it. Start taking photos. Shoot things if you don’t know anyone. You can shoot landscapes, animals, abstract concepts or anything else that interests you.

3. You can create magic in “post.”

Many novice mistakes can be corrected on the computer. You can use an online photo editor like pixlr  if you don’t have the budget for photoshop.

4. Get social online

For your new career, create a website and social media accounts. You don’t need to be an expert in creating websites. You can quickly create a website using Tumblr, blogger, WordPress or any other easy method you’ll find online. Although it may not be the best-looking website, you should do what you can to get the job done. Your site can be upgraded as often as you have the time or finances.

Hire a freelancer if you want something more than DIY. There are many freelancers on Craigslist, Elance, and vworker.

Many site builders allow you to link your social networks accounts. After you have created your YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook accounts, ensure that they are all linked to your main site.

5. Watermark your photos.

It’s nearly impossible to track where a photo goes online when it’s uploaded. However, reverse-image search engines such as may help. All images uploaded online should be “watermarked” with your website and name. Although a determined person can and will remove your watermark, it increases your chances of being contacted for work by someone who might be interested in you.

6. Video is your friend. Video is your friend.

Record your shoots if you have the chance to work with a model. Your video should be cut to around 10 minutes. Then upload it to YouTube, Facebook, or any other social media account that allows video posting. Windows Movie Maker on the Mac and iMovie for Mac are great options for beginners. Your video account should be linked back to your website.

7. Do not be afraid to ask for help.

Your new website and social media accounts will allow everyone to see your progress and what you are doing. You will be contacted by someone at some point for a job or project.

Do not make the same mistakes as many newcomers to the field. It’s worth spending some time to create a foundation for your craft before you can find models and clients.