Why Do We Take Photos

Why are we interested in taking photos? Why do photographers keep taking photos?

It’s how professionals get paid. It’s how they pay their bills. It’s how they provide food for their families. It’s how they care for their families. They also love photography.

Photographers are driven by their love for photography.

The real question is: Why do we love it so much? Here are some reasons why I love it.

Capture Memories

How many times have you visited a family member or friend’s house and taken a photo album with you? Did you manage to smile at least once while looking through the photo album? Most likely not. If you are like me, you likely went through that photo album and relived some of those memories. You probably said something like, “I remember that!” You might have said things like “I remember this!” or “We had so much fun here!” It didn’t matter that these photos were likely taken by amateur photographers. These photos captured those memories.

Capture the Moments

Moments can occur at any time, and they can be very fast. A kitten was snatching a ball of yarn. A wave broke against the shore. A baseball batter was swinging. These moments are captured in photography so that we can enjoy them.

Tell Stories

Ever seen a photo that made you stop and take notice? Sometimes the subject of a photograph is so powerful that it doesn’t really matter if it was taken professionally or by an amateur photographer. Sometimes the stories told by these photos can be more important than any technical skill of the photographer. These stories can be sad, happy, or any other emotion. Consider photos of Olympic medalists celebrating their victory. Photos of war and natural disasters are examples of tragedies that can be seen. These stories can also have a personal touch, as in the wedding photos.

Communicate with Others

The old saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” is well-known. “A picture is worth a thousand pictures.” This is very true. Both professional and amateur photographers have the ability to express their feelings through images. If someone sees one of your photos, they can easily identify the same thing you saw. Photographs can communicate ideas in an artistic, visual, creative, and imaginative way.

Improve Your Photography Skills

You will agree with many things I have written about photography. It’s also safe to say that many photographers wish their skills with cameras were better. We have all looked at photos that we have taken and compared them to others of the same subject. Perhaps we have wondered, “How do they get their photos to look better than mine?” How many times have your photos disappointed you? Sometimes it can be frustrating.

We are driven to improve. As the old saying goes: practice makes perfect. One photo, maybe 100, but one is the best. It is that one image that keeps us going back to the camera. That one photo is what inspires us to keep shooting.

Grab your camera, grab some memories and get out there! Capture the moments around you! Your images can tell stories! Keep improving your photography skills! Share your images with others. Your photography can not only be inspiring, but it can also inspire others.

Happy shooting, as always!