What's In My Bag For Wedding Photography

Because every wedding is unique, wedding photography can be difficult, to sum up. You can predict what equipment you will need for other types of photography like landscapes and studio portraits. Different wedding photography styles exist. One wedding might be outdoors in the sun, while another may be inside in dimly lit churches. It is important to have “gear” that can cover all eventualities. In this article, I will share what I carry when I shoot weddings. Before I begin, let me confirm that I use two crop-body Canon 60D cameras.

1. Canon 10-22mm Lens

It is only used for one wedding at a time, so it is not often used. It’s still very useful because of its wide-angle, which allows for amazing shots of unique architecture and the venue. This is also useful if there are more than 150 people attending the wedding.

2. Canon 17-55 2.8 IS

This is the workhorse. It is a Canon lens that is almost impossible to leave behind. It has a great focal range and Image Stabilization, which allows you to take handheld photos in low light. Because of its focal range, the 17-55 is great for evening receptions. You can take candid photos even in tight spaces.

3. Canon 70-200 2.8 IS Mark 2

It is not cheap, but it is well worth the money. Renting it, or the 2.8 IS Mark 1, is an option. The Sigma 70-200 OS 2.8 OS is another option. It is just as good as Mark 1. This focal range is essential for wedding ceremonies, especially when the officiant or venue requires you to stand far away from the couple while they exchange vows. This allows you to capture intimate moments from the balcony or at the back of a church.

4. Canon 50 1.4

This is a great lens that costs only $400. The constant 1.4 aperture allows for low light photography even at the darkest receptions. It is a great portrait lens and can be used to capture photos of wedding guests and the wedding party.

5. Canon 135 2.0 L

The “Luxury L series” lens is my only choice for shooting bridal portraits or beauty shots of the bride. It captures every detail, and the colours and vibrance are unmatched. The bokeh, or background blur, is so creamy that it almost seems to disappear!

As you can see, I have five senses when I go to a wedding. I also have 4 Canon 430ex ii speedlights that I use to illuminate the reception hall with Manfrotto Light Stands. The flash units are then bounced off the ceilings while the party is in full swing at the reception. These flash units allow me to capture shots that I wouldn’t have been able to in dimly lit rooms. I also carry a variety of SD memory cards, ranging in size from 4GB up to 16GB, as well as a number of spare flash batteries and cameras.