Why Choose Cape Town for Your Stills Production

Cape Town has been a popular destination for catalog and advertising shoots and has recently seen more large-budget film productions. What is it that draws so many international teams from all over the globe to Cape Town for a short shoot? According to top producers and photographers, Cape Town offers many advantages over other destinations.

Variable landscapes

Summer catalog shoots are often focused on the white sand beaches. But there’s more to the landscape than beautiful scenic beaches. The backdrop is a rugged mountain range with beautiful nature reserves that can be found within the city, on Table Mountain’s slopes, or the surrounding mountains. There are also lush wine estates with their historic buildings and elegant avenues. The rolling wheatfields are green in the summer and golden in winter. You will find desert landscapes, fascinating sand dunes and mysterious forests, and vast blue skies above everything. There are many architectural styles in the city, including modern luxury villas and old Victorian homes, colorful streets like Bo Kaap, vibrant markets, port with fishing boats, leisure marinas, and many others.

Cape Town can also be used as a base for shooting in Southern Africa.

Solid support

Cape Town has a strong network for support services for film and still productions. Expert crew, top-quality equipment hire, outstanding post-production services, casting agencies with access for local and international models, and excellent casting services. This, combined with the knowledge of Cape Town’s top production companies, means international teams can travel lighter and reduce costs by sourcing as much on the spot as possible.


Both film and still productions can find more for their money in Cape Town due to the favorable exchange rates. The support services offered are of excellent value, and there is a wide range of accommodation options available, from the luxurious private villas to the more affordable hotels.

Amazing Light

Location shoots are all about the light. This is why Cape Town is so appealing to still photographers. Summer months are full of clear blue skies and brilliant sunlight that bring a shot to life.

Feel good vibes

Because of the relaxed yet cosmopolitan atmosphere, many photographers and clients come back to Cape Town time and again. It’s a wonderful place to work hard, then relax and have fun. There are many activities, great food, and friendly people.

Gavin Schneider Productions offers top-quality film and still production services out of their Cape Town base. They have 20 years of experience and have helped to facilitate many high-profile productions in Southern Africa. For inspiration, browse their selection of South African locations.