Quirky And Unusual Glass Picture Frames

There’s something about technological proficiency, and the sense of artistic freedom glass frames convey that makes people want to experiment with a variety of unique designs. Some of these prove to be a bit quirky, while others are breathtakingly beautiful, others blend elements from both.

It is a fact that frames for pictures that can be transparent, open doors to possibilities that aren’t possible using other materials. Wood, for instance, is always opaque. Therefore it’s much more difficult to create frames that display two images back to back. The glass can be bonded with heat directly, which allows for a simpler, less expensive design of designs that are required in nailing and screwing complicated parts of wooden.

Certain glass picture frame designs

Looking through a variety of frame makers who offer glass frames in their catalogues is a great method to find a unique way to display your photographs. The majority of pictures in these frames look incredibly elegant and can be utilized to display anything from funny casual photos to the most emotional or serious images from your day.

Some of the styles that you could keep an eye on are:

Frames that are simple uprights, which place two photos back to back between glass panels that are slim. This lets you show different images in various directions or switch the image quickly from one scene to another by rotating the frame. Glass panels are set up high on the glass base and then bonded to it in the manner described above to form one piece. The panels can be made to be used for a horizontal or vertical photo.

Cube frames take the concept that the frame is upright a step further. They are intended to show six photos in a square simultaneously. They can be rotated to display different images at different angles. They are an excellent conversation piece and an item from glass “table design”.

Spinner frames put the glass panels upright and allow you to place two photographs back to back inside. Instead of being fixed straight to their base, they are instead joined with a thin layer of glass that is placed between the bottom edges and joined to give durability. It is made of a circular oval, rectangular, or round piece of thicker glass to ensure stability. The frame is affixed to the base using a pivot made of metal to ensure that the frame can easily be turned to show either one or the other image.

Quadruple spinners look similar. However, they are mounted with a second pair of panels in a cross-wise fashion to the one before making a cross-shaped display when seen from above. A maximum of 8 photos can be incorporated into each spinner to create a unique display of photography. The base can be either round or square for more stability. It is composed of very strong glass that weighs down the spinner so that it doesn’t fall over when you spin it.

Certain frames are also equipped with off-set pieces of glass that protrude from one side, giving a sculptural look with an asymmetrical contemporary aesthetic.
It’s not difficult to see the flexibility offered by glass frames for pictures will really change the way you present your photos. With not just fixed 2, 6 or 8-sided frames, but glass frames can also rotate to provide additional excitement.