Contemporary Imagery In Antique Picture Frames

A wonderful aspect of antique frames for pictures is that they are able to serve many possibilities of use. If they are chosen well, they can be utilized to display any kind of image from the classic to the striking and blend in with every kind of interior decor plan.
The use of vintage frames to present dignified and formal photographs is evident – they’re built for traditional portraits as well as for presenting photographs of significant, serious occasions such as weddings or award ceremonies, but they also can be incorporated into the mix as a fascinating contrast to modern imagery. All kinds of photography, from modern to contemporary art, can be attractive when placed in some of these frames.

Antique Picture Frames To Present Modern Pictures

Modern art is typically different from the past. It has its unique focus on strange and abstract designs and its often simplistic but highly effective style. Photography and art that you choose to display on your walls can be trendy or cutting-edge and include stunning abstractions from nature (for instance, the towering gold-reddish sand dunes against an eerie blue desert sky) to striking images reflecting the current trends.

Sometimes, the most appropriate options for these photos are slim, effective frames made of metal that show the appearance of a thin strip of coloured steel along the edge of the image, offering support, but not much more than an outline. However, vintage picture frames also be attractive with modern images, but the decision should be considered carefully.

In many instances, the contrast must be subdued, not glaring. Frames that are thinner and have ornamental elements that are lightly cut into the surface appear better when paired with numerous contemporary art pieces rather than large volumes of baroque-style, carved wood with a plethora of grapes adorned with confetti and overstuffed cherubim.

The colour is usually more appealing when it’s an identical match or is just a little darker than the overall colour of the picture Contrasts with more intense colours can cause a distraction when the intricate design on the frames is helping to balance the picture’s simplicity.

Antique Picture Frames Opposite Contemporary Design

The other approach is to pay less attention to the picture that is displayed in old picture frames and instead concentrate on their place in the overall interior design in general. Modern interior design typically uses intriguing geometric shapes as well as clean lines and clear planes that create an exhilarating, cutting-edge design.

There’s always the chance that an interior that is modern will become too plain by reducing everything to a minimalistic style and nothing stands out, and the result isn’t the one intended. One quick and easy “fix” to avoid this is to add some ornate old picture frames to the room. Their richness in shape, carvings, shapes, and decorations bring back the lustre of the contemporary design while providing good contrast.

Picture frames are ideal for this because they only cover a small area which means they don’t dominate the design. However, they are prominently displayed in a location (on the walls) most of the time. They won’t go unnoticed. The arrangement of several antique frames in the asymmetrical arrangement can highlight the striking lines of walls with “sculptural” proportions, on which they’re displayed.

It’s not often obvious the way a mixture of styles can bring an incredible amount of interest to a space, and that’s the case when using antique frames and contemporary furniture. The dazzling appeal in an older frame in modern, utilitarian surroundings can bring out the best aspects of both styles.