Latest Camera Accessories You Can Give This Christmas

The Christmas season is quickly approaching, and many might be beginning to look for some great Christmas gifts. With all the different products on sale at the moment, it is difficult to decide what to purchase for family members and your friends.
However, don’t worry because we’re here to give you some suggestions on the best things to buy for those close to your heart that love digital cameras. Here are some of the most innovative, exciting, and budget-friendly camera accessories that you’ll surely want to purchase for your personal use, as well as gifts for people who matter to you.

Wi-fi SD Memory Card

Transcend Wi-fi SD Memory Card Transcend is releasing its latest storage device that is compatible with any SDHC-compatible digital camera. The best part is that it is wi-fi-compatible and comes with two modes: direct share and internet. The internet mode lets the card join an online hotspot, and it can also connect to wi-fi features of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. The card is currently available in 32 and 16GB GB sizes of storage.

Camera Straps

BlackRapid has also launched its metro and wrist straps. The wrist strap can be added to the R-strap systems. It can be connected to any camera equipped with the BlackRapid FastenR. The metro strap is, on the other hand, has an arm pad that is ideal for people who use cameras that are compact.

The Flex Frame

Cases have a relative or family member who owns the iPhone 4S, five or Samsung Galaxy SIII, buy them an e-case with a flex frame design by Chromaluxe. It’s a phone case that lets users print pictures on removable inserts. It has a hard-shell two-piece cover that keeps your phone free of bruises and bumps. The cover is also a bit unusual, as it is infused with an ingredient to help to eliminate harmful bacteria.

Memory Card Case

Memory card cases, regardless of their size, must be stored properly when they are not being used in devices like mobile phones or cameras. Now you can purchase the Gepe Card Safe Extreme all-in-one memory card protector that can serve as a wonderful Christmas gift in addition. It is able to accommodate any size of storage media, including four CompactFlash, four SD eight micro SD cards, and two memory sticks. When stored in this container, your storage media are guaranteed to be protected from humidity, dust, electrostatic charge, and shock.

Tripod and Monopod

Fat Gecko, is now offering a light monopod at a price that’s affordable, as well as an entire tripod constructed of carbon fiber. They’re not just sturdy, but they’re also believed by many to be light offered on the market. The monopod is able to reach a maximum height of just 57 inches. It is able to hold up to 30 pounds of weight. The tripod is able to reach the height of 67.

HiLO Lens – This is an original mini lens that is designed to be used that can be used on mobile devices. It’s small and can be connected to either an iPad as well as an iPhone to direct the camera built into them to a 90-degree angle, similar to the swivel option of a digital camera that is standalone. It was the first camera with right angles designed for an iPhone or iPad.