What's New With Digital Camera Lenses

Lenses are a vital part of photography. They assist photographers in creating artistic images from the photographs they take. According to a top camera maker, the lens is the key to the imagination that lets photographers transform an image into art.

As digital cameras become sophisticated, so do lenses. Canon recently announced two new professional lenses that complement its existing EF lens collection. The lenses are the EF 24 – 70mm F/4L IS USM and the EF 35mm F/2 IS USM.

EF 24-70mm Lens

The EF 24-70mm camera is capable of macro photography. It’s compact, measuring 93mm long, light, and has a robust design and a hybrid image stabilization. It’s compatible with Canon DSLR EOS 6D. It can take stunning, clear photos with incredible detail at various focal lengths.

Concerning the ability to focus, this lens features internal focusing capabilities and an ultrasonic motor (USM) that allows noise-free and rapid autofocus. If you prefer the manual mode, the lens features mechanical manual focus, which can be turned on when using AF operation.

This lens is equipped with good protection features. It’s able to restrain water and dust and comes with an anti-foam coating at the rear and front to allow for simple maintenance.

EF 35mm Lens

The EF 35mm lens, however, comes with an Image Stabilization (IS) function. It’s a prime wide-angle lens that guarantees the quality of photos. Additionally, it comes with an option to focus manually.

This kind of lens is built with a sturdy body, circular aperture diaphragm, and lens coatings. It’s capable of taking soft backgrounds and high-quality photographs.

Storage for Lenses

For those who have several lenses, regardless of their sizes and are planning to purchase more in the near future, it’s about time to get a storage solution for your valuable accessory cameras. Think Tank has come up with a bag that is designed specifically to store lenses.

The bag is referred to as The Glass Limo; this bag can hold a 600mm lens and even 500mm lenses that can be attached to a professional-sized body. It resembles it’s a backpack that has a curved harness, making it easier for photographers to transport. The best part is that it is able to meet the requirements for hand-carry for most airlines. So, you’ll have your bag on hand should you be traveling via plane.

Tenba offers a Transport Long Lens Bag. Its LL300 II bag is able to accommodate a 300mm lens, even if it is connected to a professional-sized SLR and a camera body.

Bags or cases designed for lenses with long focal lengths are perfect for photographers who specialize in wildlife and sports and also for those who use super-telephoto lenses. Tenba’s Transport is made from nylon, which is waterproof and features self-healing zippers.

It is crucial to make sure that when shopping for cases or storage bags to store your lens, check first whether they are able to accommodate the size of lenses you own. Make it a priority to wash and store your lenses in case they are not in use.