Marquetry Wooden Picture Frames

Wood is a vast array of possibilities for decoration that has been explored by imaginative minds over many years of woodworking. Today wooden marquetry frames for picture frames are among the most attractive outcomes. Traditional wood art techniques give some of the inspiration behind these designs. In addition, modern technology makes these frames affordable enough for everyone to showcase their images with these eye-catching frames.

Marquetry is the process of putting pieces of wood with different colors together to create patterns or mosaics across the face of a wooden object. Picture frames made of wood with marquetry patterns – as well as the corresponding “intarsia” in which large pieces of wood are put together like a puzzle instead of surface slivers of veneers – may incorporate diverse designs, ranging from simple geometric designs to illustrations to abstract designs.

How Marquetry is used in wooden Picture Frames

Most wooden frames for picture frames in a marquetry design are pretty tiny. Actually, the majority of them are picture frames that have an opening made to accommodate the standard photo sizes that are 5″ seven inches” four” to 6″ or 8″ in x 10″ The “eight by 10s” being the most significant size generally offered.

Because wood is available in a variety of different shades and colors – and may easily be stained with shades that are not found often in nature, like greens, blues, or yellows, marquetry can allow the creation of anything from intricate geometric designs and sophisticated Celtic knots to large extravagant, striking, and little-known designs of checkers or stripes.

As with other wooden frames, you can find a wide range of quality and price ranges for frames made of wood. Due to this, it is possible to are getting what you pay for. However, even the cheapest frames are guaranteed to catch the eye and make an impression. Of course, this isn’t to say that marquetry frames work for every type of photo. Simple marbled, checkerboard, or herringbone frames could cost from 12 to $15. Meanwhile, elegant designer frames from Italy are priced between $50 and $100 or more.

Intarsia Wooden Picture Frames

In the countless methods that people have come up with to create wood ornaments, intarsia is a close relation to marquetry and can be employed to construct wooden frames for picture frames too. Intarsia is usually more expensive, but it’s worth the cost to those who need more toughness. Instead of small slices of wood being attached to the back of a wooden base to create a pattern or pattern, this design runs through the wood’s thickness.

Intarsia is typically created by gluing together a number of thin rods or other forms of wood until the ends of them form an image or pattern. The block of wood created by this method is divided into layers in order to create several copies of the same pattern. Intarsia that is simple to make is a wooden “puzzle” cut from different kinds of wood and then glued together. This creates a more blocky look; however, it is less time-consuming and more affordable than the time-consuming design process used in the other way.

Specific intarsia wooden picture frames come with intarsia images already inside – in a way, they’re framed with tapestries made of wood to be hung on the wall. There are many frames that have an unfinished middle as well as the rabbet cut to hold the glass, artwork, and backing you decide to put in your home. They can add the perfect artistic accent to your mantelpiece or wall when you place your most loved photos there.

If you opt for intarsia or marquetry wooden frames for your picture and you’ll see that the details these methods give frames will give the perfect touch to that most loved photograph. These methods are ideal for events such as the birth of a child, wedding, or graduation, is being celebrated.