Digital Photography Idea Series - Taking Photos at Home

You awake in the morning, enthralled to capture images, then close the curtains, and the rain begins to pour down against the windows. All your hopes for having a fun photography day are thrown out of the window. However, it’s not the end of the photos for the day since there is plenty to capture around your at-home. Let’s try something new and capture things you usually would not.

I believe that the home is home to some of the most outstanding photos available to the professional photographer. It’s just that we don’t have it on our list of places to shoot. If you want to be motivated to get imaginative, here’s what you must accomplish to make it an enjoyable photo-taking experience.

1. Shoot a portrait

Overcast and rainy days provide the most beautiful lighting conditions to shoot photos at your home. Find a location to shoot with ample windows with lots of light entering the lighter you can get. A cloudy, overcast day can provide gorgeous diffused light that can create stunning portraits. Keep this idea in mind as one of your top priorities. If you’ve never completed a photoshoot with someone from your family or a friend under these conditions, you’ll not be aware of what you’re missing. The soft light is beautiful, and you’ll be amazed at the difference your photos will look. There may be a need for reflectors to block some light that is on the opposite side of the subject’s face, but that’s it. There is no need for any additional light to be required.

2. Make a still-life

The same is valid for shooting an object that you find interesting and perhaps has an interesting texture or pattern. Side lighting can create an incredible image, free of the harsh shadows caused by flash as well as direct sun. The side lighting captures the textures and highlights them making an image that is difficult to duplicate using artificial light. This can transform into a thrilling experience by adding a bit of challenge. Make sure you are able to access the object from every angle and then take it to shoot in 50 distinct ways to ensure that each shot is unique from the previous ones. If you’re truly adventurous, increase the amount to 100. I refer to it as”100 shots. When you finish the session, I am confident that you’ll feel the satisfaction of completing your goal.

3. Shoot some detail

The only thing we don’t notice inside our houses is the finer points of our lives. Things that we use every day and don’t pay attention to, such as the toaster, bathroom tap, or the texture of the living area or cuttingly that is in the rack for draining. These items create stunning photographs when taken in the close-up mode because you can see the finer details that are not often viewed. Also, I include the 50 or 100-shot problem in this project because you’ll be amazed at the number of angles you can take a fork from the kitchen. Find the small items and find out more about your home as close as you can.

Photography in any form is better than you can imagine. The use of your home as a backdrop for a photoshoot will open up spaces you’ve never thought would be feasible. The creative and inspirational process begins when you explore new ideas, so don’t be afraid to take on things you usually wouldn’t try. Happy shooting!