What Do You Want From a Wedding Photographer

The beauty of the concept of a Wedding is that you theoretically only get to have it only once. Everyone enters marriage with the idea of Forever in our minds. There are no Re-Do’s on those who say I do’s. Naturally, we would like everything to be perfect. Many people plan months in advance to be sure they’ve planned the perfect wedding. This is why selecting the perfect photographer is vital. In reality, the photographer could be the most crucial person in your life aside from your fiancé. Your mother, too. And, yes, his mom too. Your photographer is in charge of the crucial task of capturing the essence of your wedding day, as well as every detail that is quickly lost out of your memory as time passes. A few years from now, you’ll pull the wedding photos to take a look at them. Your grandkids may not be overly impressed after seeing them over and over; however, if the photographer did his job correctly, you’ll be able to relive those memories and recreate the deep-rooted emotions that you felt during that particular day not too long ago.

The choice of a photographer in the present is a difficult task. There are a lot of. In my home town, Cape Town, South Africa, there’s a self-proclaimed photographer in every bush, holding a camera and a big smile ready to shout “say cheese” Therefore, we must be careful and thoughtful about the pros we select, as many times we don’t even know anything about photography. If I had to pick one of the neurosurgeons, I’d be judging him by his record of success and not be influenced by the way he talks about how beautiful his scalpels look.

Take a look at their portfolios.

Every photographer worth his quality should have examples of their work for you to see. Take a look at his website. Our wedding Photography one of their specialties? Do they usually photograph their prize-winning pets? You can ask them to show other pictures instead of just standard wedding Photos. Wedding photography can turn out to be highly general. It’s hard to stand out with the sheer number of weddings taking place every day. The variety of their works will help you understand whether they’re able to think for themselves, be imaginative and create the perfect image. This can also remove the possibility of a blind spot. Photographers often hire professionals like models make-up stylists to arrange a “staged” wedding photoshoot in perfect circumstances, then showcase these images on their portfolios. This is an excellent idea in the end. Models with beautiful looks equal gorgeous photographs. You must see real wedding pictures taken under circumstances over which there was very little or no control.

Meet the photographer personally.

I’ve been to weddings as a guest and noticed weddings where the couple saw the photographer they have met for the very first time. The entire interaction was internet as well as via email. You only get a genuine and honest impression of someone once you’re in their company. If their personality is at odds with yours, trust me when I say that you will be able to see it in your pictures. One of the worst things you could have is a guest at your wedding dressed in a dirty and ripped T-shirt that reads “Love is a myth” and draws all the attention that should be focused on the bride.

Cost isn’t a sign of competence.

The costs associated with planning a wedding in the present are staggering. There is a belief that can be true in certain instances but not always that the more costly the wedding is, the more expensive it will be. But it’s not always that way. I was in a restaurant the other day and had a conversation with the coordinator, who was very casual and informal. I inquired about the location and how much it would cost me to lease the venue to hold an evening party with a few of my friends for 6-8 hours. “Oh,” I told me, “not too much. The venue is available for about two hundred dollars per hour,” I said to him, “Actually, it’s not an actual party but more of a wedding Reception” He then changed his mind and informed me that in the case of the Wedding Reception the cost was ten thousand dollars for eight hours. The same venue, the same group of people, two different events, and two completely differing prices. While it’s inevitable that the top wedding photographers are expensive, the top wedding Photographers cost a lot, and you should consider letting the portfolio and reputation of the prospective photographer have more influence on your choice than their price.

Open Communication.

Once you’ve chosen your photographer, be sure to inform him of your expectations and needs. Make sure you have a simple and straightforward arrangement drawn up between you to ensure that when the wedding day arrives, you do not have to be concerned about giving directions or other instructions. The photographer should be aware of more or less who will be present on the day of the wedding, so that he won’t waste photos of caterers, for instance. He should be able to identify the bulk of the details by himself, but it might aid if you advise him to make sure you take one of Aunt Mary in front of Aunt Judy. He isn’t aware that they aren’t a good match for the other, and getting them together for your wedding required some clever family diplomacy to be successful. One thing your photographer is not in control over is weather conditions; therefore, if he whispers into the ear of your photographer, “let’s go to the next location or this one,” or “this scheduled location isn’t suitable for this time of the day. Let’s go to another location” Take note of him and follow his instructions. Make sure that your master of ceremonies give your guest clear directions regarding their actions with regard to the photographer so that he gets his job done efficiently and does not have to flit around like the Sheppard shearer.


once you’ve got your photographer, your wedding is in the books. Relax. Relax and follow the flow of events. Your years of effort and planning are over. You must relax and be as relaxed as you can. You don’t want to pull your wedding photo album back in the near future and tell your grandchildren, “Look at how scared your mom was. Look at the sweaty spots on her forehead and the anger at her face”.