How To Become a Professional Wedding Photographer

Wedding photography is a massive area, and there are many things to know. If this article has you off, this may not be a good thing. After all, the one thing you do not wish us not to ruin someone’s day. However, if you believe that you have everything in order, then you should possibly consider starting your own business.

I would like to examine the elements that work and what abilities are required to achieve the status of a wedding photographer reading. Then I’ll discuss the process of starting up and the process of the day, and a bit about marketing.


The list isn’t exhaustive, but it is designed to highlight essential points to use as a basis.

Wedding Photography can be hard work.

Being a professional wedding photographer is not easy; it is exhausting and demanding. It’s one of the most rewarding photographic tests that you could ever have. You need to be quick and, generally, you must be able to get everything done the first time, and even after 10 hours of work when you’re exhausted.

It’s about people

Wedding photography is also focused on people, and this must be absorbed. Finding yourself behind the camera, looking at pictures, and playing around with settings is not going to get you anywhere quickly. You need to be able to use the camera to make sure that you are doing it correctly and it’s working. You must be attentive to what is going on around you. You can practice as often as you can and replace your shutter every year if needed, and shoot as many frames as you’re able to practice.

The ability to anticipate is crucial.

If you’re watching and also paying attention to what’s happening around you, then there is a chance to record moments. The ability to capture moments is one of the things that aren’t often easily recognized. It’s simple to capture images as photographers, which aren’t crucial for a couple, but you like. It is important to capture moments of joy, and you can fill the emotion with beautiful photos and take whatever you want, but if you do not feel the emotions, you’ve missed the wedding. There are many weddings that emotions don’t be that intense. This is where being proficient at taking posed photos is crucial because it can trigger emotions in the guests.

Do not shoot for photographers.

The more artistic shots often are popular with couples. However, you’re photographing for the groom and bride, and they are your customers. What you think of as a fantastic piece of lighting may mean little to the bride and groom. But, if you’re able to blend this with something that looks like a great moment, you’re definitely winning. This is the secret to high-end wedding photography and an idea to be kept in mind for the future. When you’re starting out, it is crucial to concentrate on the moment.

Light, color, texture, gesture

When we photograph weddings, we should often have a gesture in our most important photos. Gesture refers to an expression of emotion displayed by the subject. It could be tears or thoughtfulness or any other kind of expression that could be a smile. In my opinion, if you are able to add any of these elements and you’re right on the mark. Many photographers reach the extent of using friendly but not great lighting and sound gestures, but going above that differentiates photographers from others. If you’re just beginning, you must shoot for good lighting and gesture. If you are able to add that texture, color, or more exciting light, you’re far beyond the level of a beginner.

Don’t worry about your equipment.

Professional photographers’ equipment is what you are working with. You’re not an amateur using their preferred toy. You’re making use of your camera equipment for work. Pro cameras are built to last, and so are professional lenses. They can take a severe beating. It’s not a reason to throw it around, but if you’re carrying your camera in the same way as you carry a child, you will likely be losing a lot of energy and time with your equipment. I don’t have caps for my lens, which means I can quickly change lenses. The lens caps are hidden in a drawer. I don’t care if the cameras have scratches around them. My camera is still getting images. I’m not launching my camera into the air, however, for that incredible aerial view of the event, haha.

Learn about your lenses and the focal lengths

For instance, I shoot a 70-200 2.8 a lot. I don’t shoot it simply because I’d rather stand from it. I shoot it for the perspective it provides me. If I’m too far away, I’ll shift. I usually shoot 24-70 because of the perspective it offers. Although you aren’t able to always go back, you should know the focal lengths of your lens and how the perspective shifts when you shoot it.

Primes or zooms

It’s not a problem as long as you’ve completed those focal areas that work for your needs.

Verify your background

In addition to your subject, the background occupies the remaining portion of the image. Be aware of the details of your image.

Learn to see the light

If the words harsh lighting, broad lighting, and glamour lighting have you searching for them in a Google search, then you should likely be aware of lighting methods. They are the most basic.
It’s OK to shoot using one of the auto modes.

It’s true, this is fine. Learn to get over it as long as you are fully aware and can shoot using a manual. There will be many occasions at weddings where shooting in manual is the simplest method to shoot.


I shoot on a daily basis. Every day I take a picture, even if it’s just watching TV. I also play with shooting things on the kitchen table. I’m testing different things every day.


Do all you can on your own but not during the day of their wedding. Explore settings. Try things that are entirely different. Try something that challenges you. Let’s say today you’ll shoot at ISO 6400. Explore what you can accomplish in post-production using this. Find a way to work. Today, you will shoot with manual white balances only. Today, I’ll shoot at f8 throughout the day. Today, I am shooting wide-open for the entire day. Etc.

Here’s my essential guide. I’m not going to write anymore; this is enough. I’ll be offering wedding photography classes in the near future, which will go into more detail. I will teach you how to capture each aspect of the day for a beginner wedding photographer. I believe you will be surprised by how much knowledge and techniques can be used to shoot the wedding. If you’re looking for this kind of instruction, then visit RP Photography By Design for more details.