Importance of Family PortraitsFamily Photography
When I was a young girl, I was fascinated by photographs of my family from the past. I would sit for hours thinking about the way I felt to be a child in the past. It gave me a feeling of belonging and pride; feeling a connection to the past as well as part of the family which has been lost. This is particularly relevant to me since my family moved from Cuba to the US Cuba in the year 1980, with little or no possessions other than the things that could fit into their pockets. We were fortunate to have a number of relatives who were willing to send us old photographs of their youth. I am incredibly thankful that my grandparents sent me a treasure of their history by taking a portrait of the family. When I look at the photo of my mother with her family in the past, it transports me back to the past. That’s the only way that our great-grandchildren will understand how it was to be alive in 2012 and also how their grandmother was when she was 30 years old.

Family photos are essential as they represent the most tangible part of your personal legacy.

It is imperative that we preserve our past. It is our obligation to ensure that the next generations have access to these treasured memories. It’s not hard to capture these moments if we invest the time in hiring an experienced photographer who is aware of the importance of your family’s legacy.

Professional family photographers are aware that certain moments don’t duplicate themselves due to various reasons. If your son is blowing an earful at you, and your child is embracing her dad, the photographer of the family will record these moments that will be very precious in the family’s time.

You can give the gift of history to future generations by scheduling an opportunity to capture your family’s portrait.

You are making your family portrait.

1. Hire a professional photographer.

Hiring an experienced photographer will be your first move. Talk to them on the phone to schedule a consultation. Take time to look through their website portfolio. What do they offer in their family portraits? Prints and digital negatives included? Do they have lighting? What location are the portraits for to be photographed? How do you allow the photographer to be flexible in the travel arrangements? What can the photos be? A lot of family photographers go to the best place that will meet your family’s requirements.

2. Your Shoot Date:

Make sure you consider your schedule and don’t plan your shoot around the busiest time of the week or day so that you don’t feel overwhelmed. Be aware of traffic jams during rush hours, particularly in the tri-state area. If you’re 30 minutes away from shooting and it’s scheduled for 6:30 pm, ensure you be a minimum of 45 minutes before the scheduled time.

3. Dressing and Weather Check the weather for the day before your shoot.

Choose an outfit that is comfortable for you and the young ones. I often advise family members that they do not need to be all the same color; however, it’s recommended to dress more uniformly to ensure that the eyes are drawn to the face instead of the clothes when the image is made. The best clothing choices are Wearing blues, blacks, and other principal colors when selecting your outfits. If you’re going out, We suggest staying clear from greens so that you don’t look like a natural. It is best to choose your clothes beforehand to ensure that everyone has a concept of what they will be wearing. Ladies, make sure you’ve got enough time to dress before the event to ensure you are comfortable! If you are able, try to include a hairbrush and blotting paper with lipstick for your makeup, a ChapStick for boys, along with hand soap.

4. Select the location If you aren’t sure the location you’d like to hold your family portraits,

the photographer you choose should be aware of some good spots to visit in the region. A lot of indoor locations require permits to photograph, so it’s suggested that you and the photographer discuss possible places ahead of time to determine if a permit is needed. It is suggested to schedule your family photos taken at night before sunset or early in the morning before sunrise. The lighting is impressive in this period for portraits since the sun is lower on the horizon, and there is no one looking towards the lens. The time of noon is among the most challenging times to schedule such sessions; therefore, it’s something you should be aware of when scheduling with your photographer.

5. Have your photoshoot day be an enjoyable day for your family members:

Get the younger children excited about their photography session! Let them know that they’re likely to enjoy a great time playing with their brand new photographer buddy. Bring the whole family out for food or lunch prior to the photoshoot. The whole day should be an enjoyable day, so everyone is happy. Bring your child’s most loved toys or other items to your family gathering. This will help children feel more at ease being surrounded by familiar objects.