Seven Tips for Better iPhone Photography

With the arrival of the iPhone, the whole new world of photography has sprung up and is now the iPhoneography age. The camera that is built within your phone makes it simple to capture photos on the go. The size of an SLR or DSLR makes it less mobile and less convenient than a phone that people usually carry in their pockets at all times. With all the advantages and entertainment that come with smartphones all over the world, everyone is beginning to explore iPhone photography. Here are some tips to get the most out of your iPhone photographs!

1. Know the limits of your camera

Because of the smaller dimensions and limitations, and capabilities, it’s not a surprise that the pictures you snap with your iPhone won’t be identical to those you’ll get from your DSLR. The photos you take with your phone will have smaller in size. Therefore, they aren’t capable of printing huge. Camera phones aren’t built to perform well in dim lighting conditions, and knowing this beforehand will allow you to avoid situations in which you might not be able to capture high-quality photos.

2. Keep Your Camera Steady

As you begin to use your phone’s camera, it’s normal to take pictures using just one hand. But, using your phone as if you were cameras will help you to keep your balance and ensure that your photos are as clear and crisp as they can be. To get the most stable, make sure you hold your arms closer than your own body (nice and tightly). Bend your knees a bit, and then gently tap the shutter button using your fingers.

3. Don’t use the camera’s zoom feature.

Although the majority of smartphones come with built-in zoom capabilities, however, I would not suggest using it. Once you start using the zoom feature on the camera, you’ll see some noticeable pixels. It’s much better to bring yourself and your phone towards what you’re shooting and make use of the phone’s zoom as the last option!

4. Take a couple of shots

The best thing about digital photography is that you can capture many more pictures to make sure you have a photo you love. You can capture the same photo from several angles to ensure that you’re in a steady position and your photo is clear. Make sure you don’t remove any of these images while you’re in the city since you could find after returning home that images that appear to be wrong on your mobile actually look better on your computer screen.

5. Be aware of the Light

Like when you take photos with a traditional camera, light is the key to taking amazing photos with your smartphone camera. As we’ve mentioned before, conditions with low light levels can result in very blurred and pixelated photos. If you’re taking photos of the ocean or the sun, Always try to avoid letting the sunshine behind your subject and you. This ensures the subject will be adequately illuminated.

6. Clean the Lens

It may sound as if common sense, but it’s incredible how easy it is to overlook. Consider all the places you’ve put your cell phone, your bag, or your pocket inside your vehicle. You might use it when you’re cooking or eating or while playing with your kids. They may even scratch it with their fingers. With all the different places your phone can be found, it’s only natural that cleaning your lens could be a big difference!

7. Explore apps and games

Even if your smartphone has a built-in camera application, it doesn’t mean there’s no other app that you can capture photos using. In fact, there are many! All the way from Camera apps such as Camera + and Synthcam to processing applications like Snap Seed or Over. Explore and have fun. That’s the whole point of iPhoneography really is!

It’s clear that there are both pros and cons to the use of a camera on your smartphone; however, the portability and ease of use of the camera built into your phone make it worth taking advantage of and playing around with. Keep in mind the limitations and small ways you can enhance your photos, and you’ll enjoy taking photos with your iPhone!

Stephanie is a resident of a rural area located in Central IL. Her husband is her high school love and best friend Ryan and enjoys being with her wild dogs, Kit & Lucy. She is the proprietor as well as the photographer for Green Tree Media Photography and is highly enthusiastic about photography as well as the business of photography.

Stephanie completed her Master of Fine Arts degree in photography and design from Millikin University. She was employed at Jones & Thomas, an advertising agency located in Decatur, IL, for three years, working in design as well as photography prior to launching her own company as a natural light or lifestyle photographer.