Wedding Photography in Warwickshire

If you’re in search of photographs of your wedding in Warwickshire, You’ll be spoiled for choice in terms of gorgeous venues and stunning backdrops. No matter where you’d like to have your wedding, it’s a good idea to collaborate with your photographer for your wedding to maximize the beauty possible of the Warwickshire wedding venue and produce stunning wedding pictures which you can remember with pride for many years to be.

The first step is to choose the location for your wedding, an important step in any couple’s journey toward the day of their marriage. After you have your reception and ceremony booked and you’ve decided to find the right Warwickshire wedding photographer that understands the region and can give you the style and vision that you’re looking for in wedding photographs. It is likely that your photographer is well-versed in the particular location and will therefore be in a position to add their personal understanding and expertise to your wedding photographs. Check out the portfolio of your photographer and look up their track record by reading reviews and testimonials left by other customers. A professional wedding photographer should be open to ideas and attentive to your needs because it’s your wedding day!

If you’re looking for some ideas to choose one of the stunning wedding locations and backdrops in Warwickshire, Here are some suggestions that can be used to create stunning wedding photography.

Royal Shakespeare Company:

The RSC is located in the city of Shakespeare’s birth – Stratford-upon-Avon, a historic and stunning region of Warwickshire that is ideal for wedding photography that is romantic. Imagine yourself in the role of Romeo or Juliet (though it’s likely to have an ending that is happier!) as you stand in the countryside along the River Avon or on one of the two-stage. It is possible to hold your wedding ceremony on top of the 100ft theater tower!

Kenilworth Castle:

A castle from the 13th century that has hosted a variety of famous royals and events such as Edward II, Henry III, Henry V, and Elizabeth I, who was famously bewitched by the earl of Kenilworth by the Earl of Leicester, Robert Dudley. The queen and the earl were enthralled by dances, musical performances, and pageants in the stunning surroundings of the castle. However, their romance did not come to last, as Elizabeth continued to be married to England as the virgin Queen.

The castle is located in the middle of Warwickshire with acres of stunning grounds and is surrounded by the English countryside. The castle has been restored through English Heritage; Kenilworth is accessible for weddings and receptions. It is a fantastic backdrop for wedding photography Warwickshire couples.

The Ardencote Manor Hotel Country Club and Spa:

For a modern and contemporary wedding, why not opt for the Ardencote to create a chic and beautiful setting for your wedding photos. The estate has 83 acres of lush gardens with a private lake as well as a charming manor house Ardencote provides a beautiful location for an unforgettable wedding ceremony as well as stunning wedding pictures. You can also take advantage of the on-site spa facility for your post-wedding and pre-wedding celebrations. This is perfect for more informal wedding pictures of you and your partner or enjoying your bridal wedding reception.

Twycross Zoo:

For something that is a little distinct, Twycross Zoo offers wedding ceremonies that include feeding sessions as well as tours and an outdoor reception that overlooks an Aviary! An entirely unique location to have your wedding ceremony and an ideal location to take wedding photographs in Warwickshire and surrounding areas. There are several venues at the zoo where you can hold your reception and photographs with penguins, elephants, and an array of other species.

Meet with your photographer for your wedding to discuss the best ideas for wedding photos for your Warwickshire location, and then create your wedding album with memories.