How To Start A Basic Photography SEO Strategy To Attract More Leads

The majority of professional photographers aren’t experts in marketing, and it can be a shock for them when they design websites only to find that it’s not performing as they expected and only a handful of people visit the site every day.

One photographer described his website as a ghost town that could have as little as 10-20 visitors per week. A low volume of traffic to the website is clearly not enough to produce a substantial amount of high-quality leads since the majority of visitors remain on the site for a short period of time or stop only a glance at one page.

If they do not realize the root source of the problem, many photographers face the possibility of placing the issue of an absence of traffic to various unrelated factors like the layout of the site. It is evident that the appearance and the feeling of the site are not a factor in the number of visitors, as people do not know what the site’s appearance is prior to navigating onto it.

The root of the issue is likely to be due to the absence of a well-organized search engine optimization strategy.

SEO is poor. SEO is a sign of low Traffic

Though many photographers have had the opportunity to learn about search engine optimization (SEO) at some point in the past or another and might have even tried a few techniques they’ve read about, with different levels of success, caution must be taken to separate the best advice from the bad.

One example of a major mistake is that SEO is about using keywords and the addition of the most of them possible to the pages of our websites. While keywords are the primary component of SEO however, we require more than just the basic strategy of scattering our pages with them to be successful in it.

After trying a few of these fundamental, and frequently flawed strategies, most people become lost or frustrated with SEO and then decide that it’s difficult to comprehend, which leaves them with nothing but an effective photo SEO strategy.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

The Web is Your Front Line

The photographer’s site is often the initial site of interaction for potential customers, and most of them come through search results in the area. Search results. Because the majority of our clients are working professionals, they will aren’t able to spend time looking over the top of the search results, and they’ll more than likely click to the very first site on the list.

Thus, your site should be listed on the first page of your search results for the desired search term and should be the first page in the search results. The goal of achieving that top ranking can be a lot easier to say than done; however, you can do it for a majority of firms, and the most efficient method to achieve this is with a well-planned SEO strategy.

But what happens if you’re getting started with SEO and you want to learn about the best practices first?

The best part is that you don’t need to be a tech wizard to master SEO, as nearly everyone can master the fundamental basics. For instance, there are some simple things you can begin doing now:

Avoid websites that are entirely built with Flash. It’s because the search engines cannot understand Flash and therefore not help your rankings.
Make sure you display your company name, physical address, and contact details on every webpage, particularly on the top of the page.
It can help break the content of your website with compelling headlines, which also include the key phrase you are trying to find in bold font.
Include the keywords in the URL of every web page, as in the filenames of images, and within the “alt” and “title” text of the images.
Inspire other business owners to link to your site; however, be sure to steer clear of “link farms.”
Utilize those online clips by adding an URL to your website at the start of the description of the video.
Make use of your Facebook page (not an individual account), Google+, and Twitter for posting hyperlinks to your blog and encourage sharing of your blog’s content.
These tips are only the start of an effective search engine optimization strategy, but they will assist in getting traffic to the photography company you run. Obviously, there’s far more to successful SEO than what can be fit into an article as short as this one, as well as a myriad of sources are available on the subject, which is why it’s essential to know as much as you can about this crucial aspect of your marketing strategy in order to get the best customers for your business.