How To Write A Captivating Photography Blog Without Writing Every Day

Photographers are busy, and a common reason they used to not start blogging about photography is that they have little time within their busy schedules to keep their blogs updated every day.

Of course, these photographers are working under the assumption that blogs are the same as newspapers in the sense that it’s essential to keep them updated with fresh content each day.

Beware of False Assumptions

The assumption turns out to be incorrect. This is a good thing for the average professional photographer, as generating daily blog posts is a lot of work! The idea of having to squeeze all of that work into the already hectic schedule is enough to turn any person off of the idea.

The reason photographers make this erroneous presumption at first is entirely reasonable. In the end, potential clients discover photographers mostly through search engines which are the most popular websites, clearly capturing the bulk of potential customers.

Based on that logic, it’s not difficult to conclude that publishing new material each day would be a smart strategy for more effective search engine optimization (SEO). But, while it’s true that having more content that is indexed by search engines can be advantageous, churning out posts each and every day isn’t only unneeded and ineffective but also counterproductive.

The reason is the fact that factors outside of your control, like hyperlinks from other websites, as well as social sharing, can have a significant influence on search engine ranking, so it is sensible to allow each blog post the chance to accumulate a few of these links and gain some traction via social media.

So, instead of continuously posting new blog posts, one better approach is to develop the photography blog gradually over time. In the end, why do you make use of all those fantastic ideas too quickly when they can be sprinkled out in the course of time?

There’s more to it than SEO

Even though search engine optimization is important, however, there’s something more important to take into consideration when creating the content for your blog about photography.

Your readers.

Think about your target audience, The people you’re writing these pieces of content to. Are they busy? Do they have time to read every post on your blog about photography?

In the busy life that we lead today, They probably don’t have enough time. This means that when we update our blog with new content every day, the vast majority of it isn’t read. However, unlike a news blog, posting content every day could lead to the loss of readers as they get overwhelmed by the constant flow of information, and when readers stop visiting your blog, it is a detriment to the goal of posting every day!

What is the right posting Frequency?

What is the best frequency to publish your blog’s photography posts? There’s no set rule for this; however, beginning with one posting per week or every two weeks will be more than enough.

Here are three crucial things to take into consideration:

Choose a timetable that you are able to be able to.
Your readers will be able to tell where to find your blog posts.
Stay on the program as much as is possible.
You could, for instance, opt to publish on a Tuesday morning. And you might even write your content ahead of time using the scheduling functions that are built into WordPress. You could effortlessly create a week’s worth of posts in a single sitting and schedule every post to be published at the correct time.

If you space out blogs, they’ll stay on top of your homepage post list for longer and allow them to build up views, shares on social media, and even more comments. The increased engagement with users via social sharing and comments can also lead to more search engine positions for each blog post.

Once you’re no more in a rush of posting to your blog each day, You can concentrate on creating valuable blog posts that your readers will enjoy and which can also aid with improving your search engine optimization efforts.