Tips for Parents and Photographers for a Successful Photoshoot

The process of photographing children can take either of two ways.

A. The session is filled with laughter, precious moments, connections, and enjoyment


B. Akin to suffering through a bad night of karaoke in a bar: awkward and painful. It’s exhausting.

I’m a fan of option A. Over time I’ve learned some techniques that always produce positive results. When I first started studying photography in commercial studios, I’ve accumulated a lot of details about what I did not like, and this could be equally beneficial. I’m talking about the mall studios, which set up unflattering backdrops, drag the customer to an unlit X at the center and pretend that they are paid by the number of teeth that are shown in each photo. Of course, I’m exaggerating; however at same at the same time… it’s happened to me. There’s not much room for wiggle (literally or literally) when you’re dealing with only a limited amount of time and space, strict rules to be followed, and stationary equipment. Not to mention parents who are stressed and looking forward to a smiley toddler who has perfect posture (even when they wake him up from a nap while they were driving there and he’s got a dirty diaper.)

I’m not trying to suggest that this kind of photography isn’t in its spot, but it does not have to be a torture room. My family has had pictures taken in these kinds of studios throughout my existence, and they were an affordable way to capture us as a family in various stages. But what about personality? Connection? Creativity?. It’s not likely to be found this under the constraints of studios and not always because of photography, but due to the setting. The appeal of on-location custom-designed photography is the ability to do more.

Given the nature of children’s behavior, How can you make certain that your experience at the location is not different??

1. Don’t be afraid!

It can be difficult for you as a parent to let go of control of your children, particularly when you’d like them to behave appropriately in front of an unfamiliar person. The best option is to relax to let the photographer take charge of the photoshoot. The photographer isn’t looking at your parenting style and isn’t looking for your children to be perfect. Therefore, do not try to force your children to be still, be quiet and stop running around. Give them a cheese lollipop… It will only make them desire to do things that aren’t! Always.

It’s not a good idea to take your child to the beach only to warn them against touching the sand. They’re kids. If you want photographs that capture their essence regardless of the stage, they’re in, it is important to let them be kids. Candids are among the most beautiful photos when you allow your photographer to be a kid and play with the kids for a short time and then learn to accept that large and funky camera aimed towards their face; by the time you’ve finished the shoot, kids are more likely to trust and respect the photographer.

2. Do not stress about time.

On-location shoots are a great way to save time. The expense to pay for is photographer time, and the photographer is in control! It’s always quicker than you imagine, so there’s no reason to make an effort to control anything. Do you have kids who are anxious? Do they feel like playing in the dark for a while? Why not! Let them play for a while, go in circles, and let loose their fun without worrying they’re wasting their time. However, it will be wasted in the event that they become upset and panicked and retreat in an oak tree for 20 minutes, thinking everybody is being rude and frightening. If they’re happy, it will be easy to take good images, so you can be yourself!

3. Bring something your child is fond of to play with, hold, or sit on… Something familiar!

The new surroundings can make kids feel overwhelmed or intimidated by stimulation. The fact that they have something they truly enjoy around is a sure way to ensure you’ll be able to utilize it to grab their attention at some moment. Also, these tiny pieces like her favorite blanket and the toy car that he rides around in… These things aren’t just toys that are a reminder of the stage in life! It would be so beautiful to see your child or son sitting on a rocking chair in the nursery, surrounded by the tall, bright fields… Oh, it’s a beautiful idea!

4. Talk to someone if there’s something you’re not fond of or if you’re uncomfortable about something.

Do they really dislike lying on her stomach? Did he suffer an injury in the at-ball game and that he couldn’t run? Sometimes with babies, parents love photos of their babies naked, but some do not. Be upfront with your photographer to ensure that they know what questions to request or suggest during the photoshoot.

The bottom line is that it’s all about communicating and being transparent. Pictures that are great come from positive experiences, so be honest about your wants and needs and let the fun begin! The most enjoyable thing about taking photos while enjoying yourself is that no cheese is required.