How to Win a Photography Competition

The excitement of competitions is thrilling and fun, but they’re not fun if you’re not winning every. To be able to succeed in a competition, you have to master some fundamental photography techniques. The skills you need to master include lighting, as well as shutter speed ISO aperture as well. As the most important thing is how to create images that make you feel inspired or evoke emotion.

It is a “how-to” guide that does not provide the fundamentals of how to make use of your camera, but rather it will explain how you can increase your chances of winning an event. In the beginning, it’s crucial to know the type of competition you are aiming to enter. The task of homework isn’t fun; however, it is essential to figure out how to create an image that is appropriate to the competition. Competitions can take many forms and, in general, are judged by famous photographers or your friends. Certain competitions employ photographers as judges, along with peers’ votes.

Check out the rules.

Understanding the rules is among the top rules to take. Without knowing the rules for the competition, you could not have participated. There have been instances where photographers take home the prize and then discover that they’re disqualified due to things as small as the photo being altered in a way that was too much. Avoid embarrassment by taking the time to be sure to read the rules.

Be aware of your judges’ style.

If the contest has to be judged by a group of photographers, it’s important to know which judges will be present. Different photographers have a different styles and judge according to their preferences. Learn who your judges are, and look over their portfolios. There are two types that photographers tend to lean towards, and they are the creative and journalistic styles. People who like images that are journalistic do not like a lot of retouching and tend to dislike overly edited photographs. The artistic photographer appreciates crisply edited photos that vary from massive manipulation of the image giving it an eerie appearance. It is important to ensure that your photographs tend to be in the majority of judges’ style. The majority of the time, Nikon shooters favor images that are journalistic or “National Geographic” type photographs, and Canon shooters prefer vibrant, heavily retouched pictures.

Make an army

If the contest requires you to vote, do not fool yourself. Your photo won’t be high enough to compete with the army of Facebook and Twitter. Start by attracting people who follow your photography page through social media networks. I’ve seen poor-quality photographs win and breathtaking one-of-a-kind photos lost simply because another photographer’s had more followers on Facebook. Create an army of people who appreciates your style of photography. Join and become involved in photography organizations and networks on the internet and prepare for the ultimate fight. When you’ve won your battle, make sure that everyone knows each day that they have the ability to vote on your photo and also spread the news to their acquaintances. Don’t be shy or worry that people will resent you for posting so often.


By following these easy rules, you can increase the odds of winning photography contests and winning those very nice prizes. Don’t rely solely on your incredible photographic skills to do everything. Only those photographers who have the ability to think critically, work hard, and fake friends will receive the money.