What to Wear to Your Boudoir Shoot

If someone decides to take a boudoir photo, then the next thing in their head is what they should dress in…, or in this instance, what to wear! The options are endless. The clothes you choose to wear to get these intimate photographs taken are totally dependent on you, but here are some tips and tricks we’ve discovered to help girls pick their outfits as photographers for boudoir ourselves.

The Basics

The first thing you should choose to pack is the easiest, and that’s your basic bra/underwear/lingerie. That doesn’t mean you have to shop around for lots of new items (although it is possible to do that, which is often one of the most enjoyable aspects of the boudoir shoot). An underwear and bra outfit with a few accessories is an elegant and timeless look that nearly every woman is gorgeous in. Include a sheer top in the mix for a different alternative to the look and also. Garters and stockings are excellent additions that provide visual interest and are an extra sexy touch to an ordinary bottom and bra set. Other essentials of lingerie are corsets, which are perfect for women who are sexy and want to showcase their breasts. Babydolls and chemises are excellent, basic pieces of lingerie perfect for shoots. These are the styles that are classic sexy featuring frills, lace, and everything that men dream of, but there are also pieces that are more sexually revealing when you’re comfortable being a little more open.

The most important factor about traditional lingerie for a boudoir shoot is fitting. It should fit well and not be too tight or loose. Wearing lingerie that fits properly is that, no matter how you dress, it will flatter and cover your figure.

Pay attention to the sheerness of your pieces of lingerie look. Depending on how comfortable you are in nakedness in your session, revealing pieces may pose a challenge or may add some dimension to your pictures. It all depends on the goals you want to achieve from your photo session.

His Stuff

Another common element for boudoir shoots is the items of clothing you get from your spouse. For example, a sports jersey or a button-down shirt or ties, anything that is meaningful to him will shine on you! Depending on the level of comfort you have and comfort, wearing underwear with tie-ups over the top can be a stunning style. Some other great implied nude styles are flags from your favorite sports teams or blankets, footballs or basketball that covers your top, or perhaps an apron. Do you have a husband who is an officer, firefighter, or soldier? If so, bring their gear, and it will make amazing boudoir pictures.

Unique ideas

When your ideas are sorted in a bag, it’s an ideal moment to think of some original ideas that have either your as well as his passions or perhaps you’re just looking for a particular style. Our top pick is the variety of looks you can create made with jeans. We’ve worn jeans with unbuttoned pants, jeans, bras, and underwear, or only jeans and scarfs that cover women on top. Guys like Jeans and women to they can be very sexy as well as flattering and enjoyable and should be an essential part of your boho wardrobe. It is also possible to create looks that reflect your interests. Perhaps your guy is into video games. In that, the case of a couple of gaming controllers and nerd glasses, as well as a sporty t-shirt with high socks, could be a good style. Perhaps he’s a fan of racing, and the checkered flag or pit girl outfit could be a fantastic choice. Perhaps he is a comic book collector, and dressing in some of the first editions would be a good idea. The purpose of these styles is to create something original and unique to you and him. They don’t need to be extremely sexy or explicit, as a woman can create a look that is sexy with just a bit of effort.


Accessories are an essential part of a shoot in the boudoir. The most important thing for each outfit is a set of shoes. The heels can make your legs look stunning and are certainly sexually attractive. Bring along jewelry he purchased for your necklaces that go with your outfit and whatever else you’ll need to complete your appearance. Items that your partner owns, such as video game controllers, bats, hats, boxing gloves, a favorite shirt, and so on, are useful to bring. A robe is ideal for keeping you warm and modest as photographers switch lighting or sets.

These suggestions are only an idea of what you should bring to your boudoir shoot. It is crucial to feel sexy in what you wear during the photoshoot. It’s not about how much you display or do not display, but the way you feel. If you’re feeling hot, you’ll appear as if you feel it, which is exactly the aim. Discover concepts that you and your loved one’s affection for, and then think about it, because if that’s the case, then your photos will be unique, more sexy, attractive, and personal.

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