Adding Character to Your Photo Shoots With Water Themes

You may have mastery over lighting, composition, and even an impressive array of photography techniques, but when you see the final product, you realize there’s something missing. Like something isn’t quite right. This is often the case when we are prone to ignore the essential aspects that define photographs.

What are the fundamentals that give photos these qualities? They can be summarized in terms like joy, movement, and soul. These basic rudiments generate energy, vibrancy, and dynamics. They create a sense of identity with depth. They bring the whole choreographed piece on fire.

In order to convey these feelings, it is necessary to discover the right medium. One of the most versatile mediums I have been able to successfully work on is the water. It is a medium that has the characteristic of its own changing into a range of sizes, styles, and forms. However, how can you incorporate these qualities into our photography shoots? Below, I’d like to show you some setups that I’m certain will set your brain into motion.


Do you remember the classic film shooting that was shot in La Dolce Vita in which the model, as well as singer Christa Paffgen, dances in knee-high water at the Trevi Fountain in Rome? If you haven’t watched it, I recommend that you go to the Trevi Fountain. It’s awe-inspiring because it captures all of the fundamentals mentioned above in a single shot.

Begin by trying to replicate this set-piece masterfully, and then make it your own by creating your own unique style. Be aware, always obtain the required permits if you are planning to make use of public fountains. It is always advisable to be aware of these legal requirements so you can ensure that the shoot goes smoothly.

It is possible to get around these issues when a family member or someone you know has a garden with a large fountain that is willing to work with. A few prints could be greatly appreciated by the fountain’s owner to express your appreciation.

Water Games

It could be more convenient in the event that you have access to private pools. It is possible to rent it from a private property owner or, as previously mentioned, from someone who is willing to offer his pool to your photography shoot.

In a photoshoot like this, you can enjoy the movements. It can range from simple swimming patterns like butterfly-style forward and backstrokes to more complex actions like diving and board jumping.

If you’re working with more than one model, then you could engage in games of sports like tag-of-war and water pistol shooting or aerobic exercises with noodles. You can be sure that amusement, laughter, and funny moments will fill your photography with enthusiasm and vigor.

Water Parks

These amusement parks have a wide range of types of levels that photographers can shoot their models. At one point, you may shoot on the tops of a tall water slide, and the next can be photographing from an underwater cave. When you work with the right models and with the right mindset, you can create amazing photos in these kinds of setups.

Additionally, restrooms, changing rooms, and other facilities are available at these parks. It is possible to talk to management and arrange an appropriate lunch menu designed for models. While you’re there, plans for the remainder of the workday can be reviewed during the time that everyone is getting refreshed.

To ensure that photo shoots go smoothly, it’s essential to organize ahead. Events like these require meticulous planning, where each aspect is handled.

Not last, it is essential to remember that when working in such setups, one requires the appropriate equipment. It is no surprise that water, specifical seawater, is not a good camera friend. It is crucial to ensure that your equipment is properly protected and properly maintained during and after your photoshoot.