The 5 Essential Things You Want From Your Wedding Photographer!

1. Tell Your Story.

A wedding photographer is essential to tell the true story of your day. You need to tell a story about the emotions, reactions, and events that took place on your wedding day. Not just images with no meaning. Your wedding day should be captured in an image that evokes the atmosphere, emotions and feelings. You should be able, when you look at your wedding albums, to recall the special moments from your day. It is great when the photographer can capture the moments, smiles, expressions, and behind-the-scenes moments that happen as the day unfolds. The most unique and interesting things are often what we least expect.

2. Original, artistic and new

Wedding images should be tasteful and elegant, well-done, and beautifully lit. Images should be varied, with many close-ups and details along with the panoramic establishing shots. Images should communicate emotions, moods and evoke feelings.

I like it when the image has movement, something that’s happening.

It gives me a sense that the story is being told.

3. Find your best angles

Although the image may be very creative and likely to win the first prize in any photo competition, if the picture doesn’t make you look good on it, the image is of no value. Photographers should be able to capture you in both candid and portrait settings. A photographer should be able to guide you in capturing the best features of your face when taking photographs of the bride for a glamour portrait session. This is one of my favourite sessions of the day. My supermodel loves to laugh, and I tell her many silly stories. This makes a face look fresh and gives life to the eyes. When capturing a moment on a day, you should capture it from the right angle to ensure that the person in the photo looks great. This isn’t pure photojournalism. It’s wedding photography journalism… everyone has to look like a movie star.

4. Families and friends

You should have many candid and posed photos of your family and close friends. These people are an important part of your life, so it is essential to capture great images of them on your big day. We quickly learn who is who and what the dynamics are when we arrive at the wedding to take some photos. We try to focus on the bride and groom throughout the day, as well as the closest family members and close friends, even if they aren’t aware. This allows us to capture natural expressions and reactions.

5. Trust.

Trust is key. The photographer should make you feel at ease. The photographer should be discrete, polite, and pleasant to be with during the wedding. The photographer should not interrupt the flow of the event but instead capture the atmosphere and mood. Every photographer should have a backup system and the most up-to-date equipment.